What is Supreme Leader?

Supreme Leader is a game of Political Survival that will test your ability to make and keep alliances, build a strong economy, and eliminate rival leaders because only one Leader can rule Supreme. This game allows players to produce for their faction, buy cards to boost strengths and defenses of your player, and use your wit to convince the rest of the table who should be voted off. If you don’t play well enough, it could be you who is eliminated from play.

However to be Supreme Leader you must be careful. To win you must face the ghosts of the players you had a hand in eliminating. The eliminated players will cast a vote for the player they deem to have played the strongest game marking them Supreme Leader. So, pay attention, back stab, keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.

Supreme Leader is designed to be a party-style game that can be played by as few as 4 and up to 12 people. The game is divided into 4 rounds, Production, Buy, Deliberation, and Elimination. The game is able to be played quickly after opening the box!



Player Cards - The player card is the card with the leader on it that the player will play as for the game.

On the card it will say

1. The name of the leader

2. The faction of the leader

3. The country of origin of the leader

4. The leader’s special ability

5. The leader’s base income

6. The leader’s base influence

Player Card Factions

1. Blue - Democracies

2. Grey - Nationalist Leaders

3. Red - Communist Leaders

4. Gold - Ancient Leaders

5. Green - Third World Leaders

Note on Influence - A player’s influence affects their ability to purchase cards. Influence ranges from 1-5. If a player has an influence of 4 they cannot purchase a Strategy Card that requires a 5 influence. Once a card is purchased, a player does not spend that influence, it’s simply a requirement for them to be able o purchase said card.

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 7.55.04 PM.png

Strategy Cards

Strategy Cards are sometimes offensive, defensive, or economic. They can affect all periods of play and players. To be able to purchase a card, a player must spend the necessary money to afford the card and have the required influence. Once a card has been purchased, it can be played immediately unless the card says otherwise. Once a player announces he or she is playing a card, it is then considered active until the effect is resolved and discarded. Cards can be bought and traded among players. A player that does not have the enough influence can trust another player to purchase a card on their behalf, but be careful, all deals in Supreme Leader are based on trust and nothing is binding.

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 7.58.37 PM.png

Event Cards 

An event card will influence the following round and how players play and what they can play. It sometimes brings a player from the UN back into play as an active player. One is drawn after the elimination phase.

Example of Event Deck:


2. Reparations

3. The Technological Revolution

4. Pax Romana

5. Bipolar System

6. Death Throws (Revival Card)

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 7.58.51 PM.png

Want to see all the hype surrounding Supreme Leader? Check out our reviews below!

Board Game Reviewers

"Supreme Leader is a wonderful party game if you're tired of all the other games out that just make fun of stuff or just move around on the board. It's a great game to figure out which of your friends are thieving and conniving *profanities*. To see who is best on world domination, best on using their abilities, managing their resources, to buy the cards and play the cards when its the appropriate time. To be able to coerce everybody else to either not vote for them or to vote for them in the end."
- Logan Chops Reviews

Andrew:The thing I think I liked the most was the event cards, so the event cards kind of fluctuate what you want to do per turn, so one of the event cards was whoever had the most money has the potential to go in the United Nations, so we were all trying to throw our money and get rid of it all so whereas sometimes you want to save the money. [Event Cards] can change the strategy for that round.

Patrick: That was a really fun turn. I also agree it keeps the game fresh, it mixes it up every time you play since you're not going to come across every one of those event cards each game.

- Just Got Played

"This game is similar to Survivor [the show] and similar to games like the Resistance in which you're going to be voting for people, but where it has it unique aspects is of course you can pick up certain items and use those as part of your deliberation. You're able to basically make any deal you want in this game and you're also able to break those deals. Another interesting thing is the UN being utilized throughout the game so when you're out you're not necessarily out like a game like Werewolf. You can still have your vote count.

It's a nice twist to these style of games."

- Unfiltered Gamer

"Whereas most world domination style games require hours of hardened strategy to win, Supreme Leader relies on hand management and social manipulation...

Only time will tell if Supreme Leader Leader lives up to it's name, but with it's fun quick game play and deep strategy, I think it will leave people chanting "Long live the Supreme Leader!"
- Mike Meeple

"I borrowed the prototype to play with some friends and it * was * awesome *. There's nothing quote like attempting to undermine your pals while pretending to be Joseph Stalin. As a big ol' history nerd, I love the concept, the 'characters' (real folks), and the competitiveness. So many twists and turns in this game and so many flexible, fun outcomes, and endless opportunities."
- BoardGameBetty 

"I absolutely love this game. You're never truly out of the game and backstabbing only gets you so far. I haven't seen a party game mixed with so much strategy before or one that utilizes charisma for a player's advantage."
- TabletopGameGal 

"Mixing the fun of a tabletop game with the nuance of politics is a difficult task to achieve successfully. This does both extremely well and adds a taste of the ultimate aphrodisiac. Power." 
- Cristobol Hernan Reyes Rios, journalist for the Miami Herald